Request an ECE/CIS Account

Guidelines for your Account

  1. Passwords must conform with UD password strength standards.
  2. All accounts must have a valid sponsor (usually your faculty advisor or instructor). Sponsors can withdraw sponsorship at any time, at which point the account holder must obtain a new sponsor.
  3. All communication regarding your account (including expiration notices) will be made via the email address you provide. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive and read such messages.
  4. All University computing resources may only be used in accordance with the UD Policy for Responsible Computing. Offenders computing privileges will be revoked, and be referred to the campus Judicial Board. Unauthorized usage includes, but is not restricted to:
    • Allowing someone else to use your account.
    • Accessing files without explicit permission. Note that you should get permission from the owner of a file before you access a file. Just because you are able to read a file on the system does not mean that you have been given permission to read that file.
    • Writing, copying, or storing programs that can be used to violate the privacy of other users, even if these programs are never used.
  5. Unencrypted Personally Identifiable Information should not be stored on ECECIS lab systems.
  6. The Lab Administration reserves the right to monitory or modify any part of the system in order to maintain the system security or functionality. By accessing these systems, you agree to be subject to such monitoring while using the systems.
  7. Please see the New User Guide for more information about the ECE/CIS joint computing lab.
By applying for an account, I agree to abide by the University Computing Security Policies, and follow University Responsible Computing Guidelines and those contained herein. Additionally, I agree to abide and enforce the mandates for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for myself, and any Faculty/Student/Staff data that I may come in contact with.